What equipment did they have ?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

Having the right equipment and stores in the right place at the right time is the theme of this worksheet. Importance of the Quartermaster. What each soldier had to carry into battle. Supply wagons as back-up … dangers of overstretched battle lines. e.g. Napoleon/Moscow – Hitler/Stalingrad. Comparison of the differing ways of equipping men to wage war – the Boer War v World War I – would draw attention to the many changes that had occurred over a relatively short period of time … uniforms/ camouflage*/steel helmets/gas masks … armament/heavy artillery … attrition – trenches v guerilla type sorties. All subjects for discussion/debate/presentations. There are many useful websites which can be accessed through Google.

* e.g. stick insects/moths/ tigers…


13th July 2012

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25 November 2012