In 1994 a small group of villagers formed an organisation called the Fovant Amateur Artists, following the success of exhibitions which had been held in the Village Hall by Mrs. Lesley Cox to display her work and that of others in the village. The main focus of the group was to widen the scope of these exhibitions to include talented artists, not only from Fovant, but also from further afield, if these could be attracted, using a variety of local advertising methods. The first exhibition by the group as a whole took place on 22nd March 1995 and exhibits in a wide range of media have always been welcomed.

In 1997, after the death of initiator Lesley Cox, a survey was carried out among supporters of the group to find out whether they wanted it to continue. After 20 returns were made in favour, the organisation formalised its business, appointing committee members, producing accounts and holding annual general meetings. In 2000 the name was changed to Fovant Art Society in order to reflect more accurately its aims and activities.

Initially two exhibitions a year were held. Subsequently this has been reduced to one, but demand has led to this annual event being extended, in 2002, from one to two days, to maximise the opportunity for local people to visit, in order to view and, indeed, purchase the items on display.

The introduction of the chance for all visitors to vote for their favourite exhibit makes a tour of the display boards more thought-provoking than it might otherwise be.