Groups and Organisations

Gathering people together for the purposes of mutual help, learning or recreation is what builds community spirit. Fovant has been particularly rich in its number and range of groups over time and we are fortunate to have records, photographs and memorabilia for quite a few. These organisations have covered all ages from children to the elderly, have involved both sexes and have included all the social strata of the village. When looking at the rise and decline of these various groups, it can be seen how they have reflected wider changes in politics and society. The advent of the Welfare State will have meant a reduced need for provident organisations, set up to insure against illness or loss. Greater access to private transport to travel further afield for recreation, as well as the advent of television, will have resulted in less emphasis on village-based sources of entertainment such as amateur dramatics or local sports teams. In contrast, earlier retirement ages and a move towards improved work-life balance will have led to increased demand for group activities to keep both mind and body active

For a comparatively small village, Fovant has certainly had, and continues to have, many different organisations and groups. They were formed in order to meet a wide range of identified needs, whether to provide some form of community support, to entertain audiences, to inform and educate, or to keep the body physically fit. Over the years these organisations have been supported both practically and financially by dedicated individuals who have given up their time to administer them. Groups have come and gone according to the demographic make-up of the population and changes in work-life patterns. It is most evident that all those villagers who have taken part, or continue to take part, in the activities arranged by these organisations, have derived much benefit from the social interaction involved.

This has made Fovant the vibrant community it is today.

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