Poetry and Craft

One of the village organisations that emerged from the W.I. is the Poetry Group, which was formed in the late 1990s at the instigation of Dawn Turner and which meets once a month, with different members taking it in turns to host the gathering at their home. A topic will have been agreed upon in advance for each meeting and members use their knowledge and love of poetry in all its forms to find appropriate pieces among their book collections. These pieces are then read out loud, provoking lively discussion among the small group of members, who are welcomed regardless of age or gender.

In a similar manner, the Craft Group was formed in the mid 1990s because of falling membership of the W.I., in the hope of creating a new opportunity for ladies no longer interested in membership of the W.I. to meet up. The group gathers once a month for an afternoon of social chat, while individuals work on their own particular piece of craft work, and it assists with charity items being sent to war-torn countries to help deserving causes such as orphanages and the homeless. It costs nothing to be a member, but each takes it in turn, space permitting, to host an afternoon, with the hostess providing tea and biscuits.