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‘Three Towers’ – Although initiated and launched by the Church, ‘Three Towers’ is a Community rather than a Church magazine. Started in July 1989 as a double-sided A4 ‘News Sheet’, it did contain monthly information about church services and celebrations, but it also gave notice of, and reports on, Fovant village events and activities. It quickly outgrew such a minimal reporting space and in March 1990 the organisers announced that

‘The present magazine has now been running for a year. In April, Fovant and Sutton will be joining together to produce “Two Towers”. This will be delivered … free of charge to all households in both villages’.

Thus was born our Community magazine under the joint editorship of Anne Cooke and Sal Margetts, still of A4 size, but comprising a dozen or so pages stapled within an illustrated front cover, which bore the title ‘Fovant and Sutton Mandeville – Two Towers’ , a reference to the respective villages’ churches.

In November 1997, ‘Two Towers’ became ‘Three Towers’ , as Compton Chamberlayne was added to the title and the circulation list. The magazine went from strength to strength, supplying news relevant to the community, exchanging opinions and printing small articles considered to be of common interest.

In the summer of 1999, shortly after the magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary, there was a change of editorship. Anne Cooke deservedly decided to rest on her laurels and, sadly, Sal Margetts died very unexpectedly. In June 1999 Pauline Story took over the editorship and the magazine which continues to keep us all in touch with one another.

The Fovant Badges Booklet – is published by the Fovant Badges Society and gives the history of the Regimental Badges cut into our Downs by soldiers training here during WW I.

‘Pages from our History by the people of Fovant’ – tells something of the history of the village from the dawn of time up to, and including, the present day.

The Millennium Map – A pictorial map of the village of Fovant.

The Three Towers magazine is delivered free of charge to all households in Fovant, Sutton Mandeville and Compton Chamberlayne. The books are available for sale at the village shop, the Post Office and the Pembroke Arms. For the map phone either 01722 714253 or 01722 714611.


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21 December 2006