Hospital staff

The hospitals were staffed by Army Medical Service personnel as well as local people some of whom were trained by the combined Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance known as Volunteer Aid Detachment or VADs.

British staff

Staff nurseBlackburn, N.C. (?Dalmner)Fovant HospitalMentioned in dispatches August 1918
Blake, Mabel8th Nursing AuxillaryCame from Horton-cum-Studley. Staff photo from Bill Radford.
Rep of ‘this area’CaveRed CrossMentioned in HHD
Dr.Clay, Richard Challoner CobbDoctor in Fovant 1917 – 1970. Was in charge of 120 medical beds during WW I
VAD nurseDoggeral, S.Tisbury HospitalMentioned in dispatches August 1918
Goodfellow, GeorgeVillagerWas an orderly until old enough to serve in the Royal Navy.
MissJones, J.MQAIMNSRMentioned in dispatches August 1918
Mrs.King, DorothyVillagerOn the staff
MissLever, BessieVillagerPhoto by Mervyn Mullins married a patient, Wilfred Lord.
MissLever, MollyVillagerBessie’s sister. Brian Burton’s aunt but not in the photo.
Mr.MikklesonOrganised films and entertainment.
MissMullens, MervynBroadchalke villagerBroadchalke villager. Nursing staff, Di Crockett’s aunt
Mrs.Shaw-StewartTisbury HospitalIn charge of the VAD section
Rep at HurdcottStoneRed CrossMentioned in HHD

Australian staff

Maj.Bennett, D.Medical CO. August 1917
Cpl.BirtAAMSIdentified in AWM photo
Blemis ?, J.M.AAMSSigned Med. Diary Hurdcott AWM
Cannell, J.RAMC/RAMACSignature on Church lead. Could be British or Australian
Crombie, J.AAMSSigned Med Diary Hurdcott, AWM
LtGraham, ?E?FAust. Army Medical CorpsSigned death cert. Percy Knowles
SisterHowsenANSIdentified in AWM Internet photo
King (?Wing), H.AAMSOften signed Med Diary for Capt McKenzie, Hurdcott AWM.
LampheeAAMCIdentified in AWM internet photo
Capt.Langan, A.M.AAMSSigned Med Diary, Hurdcott, AWM
Lewis, Jas. B.AAMSCO. Hurdcott
Pte.MartinAAMCIdentified in AWM internet photo
Capt.McKenna, MauriceAustralian AMSIn charge at Hurdcott.
McKenzie, J.K.AAMSSMO Hurdcott Feb-Sept 1918.
Capt.McLennan, S.AAMSIn charge at Hurdcott ( Internet photo)
Pte.Morone, P.AAMSIdentified in AWM photo
Capt.Nicholson, J.C.AAMSSigned Med Diary Hurdcott.
Capt.Rosenthal, C.P.AAMSSigned Med Diary, Hurdcott AWM
Pte.Shearing, Tom E.AIF Medical 10th Bn. Aust Infantry*The dearly beloved son of Mr & Mrs Shearing of Bagdad Tasmania.* Died 26th Nov 1919, buried in Fovant. Family still live in Bagdad Tasmania.
Pte.SmithAAMSIdentified in AWM internet photo
Capt.Storman, Michael OswaldIdentified in AWM internet photo. Signed Med.Diary, Hurdcott AWM.
2LtThomson, T.Aust. Army Medical CorpsOC isolation, received a request from J.Jensen OC 10th Co. for Beds for his scrofula patients. (? Joke)
SisterTyson, Fanny Isobel CatherineAANS.Identified in AWM internet photo. Died 20.4.19 of CVA. Buried at Sutton Veny.
Pte.Watt, A.AAMSIdentified in AWM photo.
Capt.Wilton, ? C.AAMSSigned Med Diary, Hurdcott

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