A ‘Statute for the Mending of Highways’ in 1555 required each parish to appoint two persons to act as ‘Surveyors of Highways’. In Fovant these persons were known as Waywardens and they would be served with a warrant by the Parish Constable confirming their appointment for the ensuing year. Acceptance of this duty was compulsory. The following extracts from the Fovant Waywardens’ Accounts give some idea of the tasks that they undertook.

3s. 0d.For this book
17836s. 0d.For picking 12 load of stone
10s. 0d.For cleaning the riverThe rivers were often mentioned
£1. 13s. 3½d.To 2 Way Rates that the Rev Eyre refused to pay.A surprising entry
17851s. 0d.For repairing West's Bridge
17873s. 0d.William Day for 3 days' work
1s. 0d.T. Nightingale also for work at Turnbridge
17895s. 0d.John Jay's bill for putting up Bright's Bridge
1s. 0d.For mending the bridge by GoodfellowIt appears from this last entry that John Jay's work was not very lasting.
17931s. 0d.Repairing Catherine's Ford bridge and making 2 steps to Thos. Jay's house in the Moor
17955d.Opening the watercourse
1s. 0d.Pd. to John Jay for doing ye bridge at Limeway (Limbway?)
1803£3. 16s. 4d.Turnpike moneyThe length of the Turnpike road was recorded as 1 mile 5 furlongs 5 chains 2½ yards
£2. 10s. 0d.Composition
£20. 0s. 0d.For putting up the Catherine Ford bridge. Mr Barnes
1806For work on roads @ 6s.0d. per week
£7. 13s. 4d.Agreement with the commissioners for repairing of the turnpike road for 7 years @ £10 per mile each year. Composition for the turnpike of Fovant fixed for the year.
1812£32. 18s. 6d.Recd. of Mr South 2 years turnpike money
£15. 6s. 8d.Less 2 years composition
£17. 11s. 10d.
1815£18. 15s. 10d.Recd. of Mr South 1 year Turnpike money
Also agreed with Mr South for 3 years for the turnpike @ £12 per mile to sink the composition. S Bracher
1s. 9d.C. Goodfellow for cutting half a hundred furze
£19. 15s. 1d.Recd. of Mr South, The Glove, Donhead, for I year's repairing of turnpikeThe Glove was the headquarters of the Trustees
1817£19. 15s. 1d.Recd. of Mr South for 1 year's repairing of turnpike
Labour. Women @ 6d. per dayClearly both sexes were involved in turnpike maintenance
Men @ 1s.0d. per day
3s. 6d.Pd. Mr Stevens for beer at the drain near the fieldIt was also thirsty work!
Mr South, The Glove, Donehead to supervise from Barford to White Sheet Hill.
1818£19. 15s. 1d.Recd of Mr South at the Glove, Donehead, Turnpike money
4s. 0d.Expenses to Sarum
7s. 0d.To cleaning the river below Catherine's Ford
17821s. 6d.For mending the wheelbarrowInevitably, tools were often replaced
18054s. 8d.For a spade
18082s. 6d.For a shovel
18165s. 0d.For a shovel
1819£1. 3s. 6d.2 pickaxes and 3 shovels