The Fovant History Interest Group consists of a group of villagers united by their interest in finding out more about the place where they live and about the people that have lived – and still do live! – locally.

The Committee

The current newly formed committee is comprised of:

Chairperson – Mary Kirman

Secretary – Vivien North

Treasurer – Nicola Matthews

Webmaster – Rupert Williamson

The group was started by Margaret McKenzie and Liz and Mike Harden, to whom we are indebted for all their hard work over many years to record the history of the village. Other past and present members collaborated to create the book “Fovant – Pages From Our History” which is still available for purchase – see “FHIG Publications”. 

Margaret, Liz and Mike also set up the original website which was a mammoth task, and Mike has devotedly maintained it until the recent change in the make up of the committee. Beryl Paton is also to be thanked for holding the FHIG purse strings for many years until handing over the responsibility to the new holder of the role.

We and all those who are interested in the stories about the place that we call home will be forever grateful to those named above for everything that they have recorded and produced. 

WW1 finds
One of Margaret McKenzie's exhibition displays of WW1 memorabilia