The Brimclose Fishing Club was started in the late 1960s by Mr Wally Barrow, who had moved to Manor Farm in 1958, and its activities take place on an integrated water system, consisting of a stretch of the River Nadder, three-quarters of a mile of the brook and three lakes.

The idea of creating a fishery arose from an assessment of the land and the realisation that the water could be utilised as a commercial project. Construction started on the first two lakes in 1971, but ultimately letting the fishing proved to be financially unproductive, so after Wally retired in 1973 and let the farm, he had time to devote to building up the land into what has become a beautiful environmental area. His thoughts then turned towards starting a fishing club for enjoyment, and having discussed the idea with friends who proved to be interested, the club was duly established. The first committee meeting took place in September 1977 in the rather cramped surroundings of the fishing hut, although the Annual General Meetings took place in more comfort, first at the Barrow’s home and later at the Cross Keys Inn.

Membership is limited to twenty-five and the purpose of creating a members’ club was not only to allow keen locals to participate in this popular sport and socialise at the same time, but also to contribute to the maintenance of the area. The third lake was created in 1985 and now the lakes are stocked with imported rainbow trout, while the brook houses the indigenous brown trout.