By their very nature, reminiscences are coloured by the perceptions of those who have recounted them, and may even be inaccurate as memory can so easily play tricks. However, as long as they are treated with the appropriate reservations, they certainly give life to what could otherwise be a series of flat factual accounts.

In order to capture some of Fovant’s more recent history, we have talked to several people who have lived in the village all their lives, the latest in successive generations of their families to do so. Their reminiscences, transcribed from the spoken word, have given us much valuable knowledge of the characters who have gone before us, and whose activities shaped the village we know today.

So far, the stories that are recorded on this web site come from those listed below. In time we hope to supplement these with more reminiscences, both in writing and in sound, so that you can envisage what Fovant was like to those who lived here not so long ago – but still in history.

Ann Barnard (neé Lee)

Grace Way (neé Cowdry)

Fred Harman

Ron Gager

Ron Braybrook

Richard Bland

Brian Morris

Joe Williams

M.K.K. & M.C.L.H.

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8 October 2015