Australian soldiers

The lists of some 500 names that you will find on this website represent the smallest drop of the huge river of men who must have passed through the Fovant Camps in the years of the Great War. The camps could hold 20,000 soldiers at any one time and there was continual coming and going. Some stayed months, others a few days only.

If you know that your relation was definitely in any of the Fovant Camps (including Sutton Mandeville and Hurdcott) please let us know the details and we will add his name to the list.

General information

S/Sgt.Affick,Boxing official
Pte.Allen, Charles A.58th Bn. AIFLetters in AWM
SMAllenshaw,witness at inquest into death of Alan Andrews, March 1917
Maj.Anderson,16th Bde. (Bn?) AIFPhoto AWM
4015CplArnold, A.8th Inf. Trg.05/09/1917Agricultural expert’ whose display of vegetables won first prize 5/9/1917
3399Cpl. DCM MMAxford, Thomas Leslie12/12/1917
CplAylett, Ted44th Bn. AIF01/01/1917Bandsman. Photo dated 1917
Capt.Baker, W.H.V.AWM photo, entertaining . Called ‘Boss’, Chman of AIF Football Assoc.
5033Sgt.Baldwin,12th Trg. Bn. 4th Div.18/12/1918AWM photo of bombing instructors 18.12.18
PteBall, George Francispassenger in accident which killed Alan Andrews, March 1917
Sgt.Ball, W.49th Bn. AIF18/12/1918AWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm Staff 18.12.18.
Lt.Barker, Lewis Earnest Stephen8th Field Arty.Photo on internet playing snooker.
Sgt.Bartholomeus, S.B.32nd Bn. AIFAdelaide,
Capt.Barton,Boxing official
CaptBassett,Oct 1917Found the body of George Burns
Baxter,28th Bn. AIFLetters/D.D.Clarkson
Lt.Bayley, Keith61st Bn. AIFPhoto AWM
Pte.Belcher,56th Bn. AIFBoxing.
Bennett, Alfred44th Bn. AIF18/07/1918Posted to Fovant as signalling Instructor.
PteBenson,Aust. Army Postal CorpsOct 1917Witness at inquest for George Burns.
Berger, R.21st Bn. AIFwon quoits
2340PteBiglands, John Robert32nd Bn. AIFFeb 1917Killed himself while in detention for AWOL.
Bills, W.M.50th Bn. AIFOrrorir?
Lt.Birrell MC, Sidney Henry37th Bn. AIF (39th)18/12/1918AWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Orderly Rm. Staff, 18.12.18
Blake,Goalkeeper in football team
Pte.Bond, MaryBoxing
2/Lt.Booth, Cecil (? Charles)61st Bn. AIFPhoto AWM
Pte.Borthwick, J.R.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Pte.Boxwood, W.E.51st Bn. AIF18/12/1918AWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm. Staff. 18.12.1918
6686Pte.Boyd, Lachlan Duncan (aka 13654)27th Bn. AIF(aka Gehrard Vincent Egan) 1917-1918. Dgt. Lynette Matthews.
Sgt.Bradford, Sydney M.Aust. Field ArtilleryMarried Violet Letitia Baker of Fulham Road, London
2633Pte.Brewer, Norman6/60th Bn., 15th Bde.17/12/191617.12.16,
PteBridger, WOct 1917Was drinking with Pte Watt and Jay in Tisbury
Brooks, E.H.11th TM Btywon at billiards
14491Gnr.Brown, Thomas HughAust. Field Artillery10/11/1918*Dearly loved son of Margaret and the late Hugh Donald Brown. at rest.* War Grave, letter from cousin.
Browne, ColinAIFSignature on Church lead 1914
Bryson, Alex06/01/1918thankyou letter to Qld. Caledonian Guild for parcel received.
Buchanan, Charlie R.13th Machine Gun Co.06/05/19186.5.18
Pte.Buckingham,63rd Bn. AIFWhist winner
PteBudden, A.L.won whist
Burns, GeorgeAust. Army Postal CorpsOct 1917Shot himself
LCpl.Butt, J.W.13th Bn. AIFAWM Photo Dry Canteen
PteByles, Philip10/04/1918Letter to his mother
PteCamp,Feb 1917Guard in charge of John Biglands and found him dying
PteCampbell,Was drinking with Pts Watt, Jay and Bridger in Tisbury and wanted as a witness at the inquest. AWOL and not found.
Cannell, J.RAMCSignature on Church lead. Could be British or Australian
PteCarroll, J.Lwon whist
Pte.Carroll, P.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Sgt.Carson,12th Trg. Bn. 4th Div.AWM photo bombing instructors 18.12.18
Chalmers, W.A.AIF21/11/1916Signature on Church lead. 21.11.16
PteClapperton, Harold24/10/1917Letter to his father from Fovant 24.10.17
TrumpeterClark, J.A.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Clarke, F.W.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Clarkson, Donald Drummond22/28 Reinforcements AIF03/10/1918Grandfather of Sandy Clarkson, WA. See “A Very Man” letters and poems edited by Gresley Clarkson, his son. KIA 3.10.18
2494/5PteClunes, Reginald7th Bn. AIFWarwick, QLD.and Fovant Camps
Pte.Cohen,Debate in YMCA
Capt.Cole,AWM photo, entertaining , Boxing official
LCpl.Collett, D.A. .South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Pte.Collins, N..51st Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div Sig. Orderly Rm Staff.
Lt.Colyer, Henry Maxwell7th reinforcements 36th Bn.In Fovant Aug – Nov 1917 36th Battalion. Duties included recreation & sport
Pte.Conlon, Bernard Jack2nd Trg. Bde.22Won medal at the ANZAC Day games at Fovant camp 1918. He was killed in September 1918 aged 22 years.
Conrad, R.F.4th Field AmbulanceSatirical article in HHD ‘Hurdcott Hotel -to Let or for Sale’
Maj.Cooke, George Sydney61st Bn. AIFPhoto AWM
Coombes,Named in cricket team
Couzins,Named in cricket team, (Bat and googly)
2151Sgmn.Cumming, T.L.56th Bn., 14th Inf Bde.12/02/191612.2.16
Cusden,Cricket team
Cush, L.W.38th Bn. AIFWon at snooker HHD
Daly, Thos. J.46th Bn. AIFMiss Croome
Lt Col.Darvall, Fredrick JosephAWM photo, boxing, entertaining ‘Hurdcott Herald’. Camp Commandant
Davies, Lt Col.12/03/1917OC take over party Hurdcott from British Army to AIF 12-Mar-1917
Capt.Day,Boxing official
Pte.Dearlove, A.T.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Pte.Dearlove, H.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Ambulance. Shoiuld this be Advertiser?
3792Pte.Dewe, Geo.9th/30th Bn. 8th Bde.
5803LCpl.Dick, R.C.Provided music for a dance.
Sgt.Dodds, TMarried Stella Donn of Crouch Inn, London.
Donegan,28th Bn. AIFLetters D D Clarkson
Pte.Dotheguy,1st PioneersBoxing,
6735PteDoyle, Thomas Richard3rd Bn. AIF14/12/1917WIA and at Hurdcott Hosp. on 14.12.17 when he was court martialled AWOL.
Drummond, Norman W.2nd Bn. AIFSydney, N.S.W.,
Dutton,Cricket team
East, Clarrie44th Bn. AIF01/01/1917Bandsman. Photo dated 1917
CSMEasterborook,Boxing official
PteEastman, Len11/07/1918Letter to his mother.
Pte.Edwards,63rd Bn. AIFBoxing
S/Sgt.Edwards, George Seves3rd Trg. Div.26/09/1917?poet “‘Urdcott” RTA 26.9.17
313Edwards, George Standish2nd MG Bn.25/01/1919?Poet, “‘Urdcott”, ‘London Tabby’ RTA 25.1.19
Edwards, J.H.Corinya, Lucas Road, Burwood, NSW.
3087Edwards, William Stafford22nd Bn. AIF
Egan, Gehrard Vincent (aka 13615)aka Lachlan Duncan Boyd.
Sgt.Elliott,Sec. Referee’s Assoc.
Maj.Ellis, LesNo 4 Sqn. AAFCC.O. of Tim Tovell
Lt.Ellison, JoNo 4 Sqn. AAFCEquipment Officer who helped in smuggling Henri on to the boat.
Pte.Eugene, W.Web photo of boxing match. He won.
Evans, Eric S.“So Far From Home” Kangaroo Press 2002
Cpl.Evans, H.F.NOK donated his copies of the Hurdcott Herald to AWM.
Pte.Ferguson,51st Bn. AIFBoxing.
3035CplFittock, Edwin Rawlings42nd Bn. AIF12/08/1918KIA on 12 August 1918 during a daylight attack east of Proyart.
Lt Col.Flintoff,New CO after Darvall left. From West Australia
1849Cpl.Foley, John Sylvester12th Bn. AIF05/10/1915Enlisted 5.10.15. Stayed in Salisbury after demob.
29516Gnr.Garden, Alan Frederick8th Field Arty. 116 – 120 Howitzer Batt.26/03/1919Arr. F. Nov 1916. law student, Swan Hill Vict. 2x gassed, wounded in leg. RTA 26.3.19.D. 1959 Wrote letters from F.
PteGilbert, WilliamDec 1916Killed in a car accident
Pte.Gillette,63rd Bn. AIFBoxing.
6278 (6268? 6168)Pte.Gilmour, P.Christmas Tournies, 1917
Pte.Glidden, H.A.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Goddard, C.Vsigned copies of HH in Devizes
2214Godward, John Albert Clarence24th Bn. AIF02/08/1918AWM photo. DOW 2.8.18 at Rouelles
4534Pte.Goodsell, Daniel William Bertram31st Bn. (8th Trg Bn., 4th Div., C Co.)07/10/1917Web at Hurdcott 3.3.17, France 7.9.17, MIA 7.10.17, Found 19.12.17, Buried, Birr Cross Roads Cem. Ypres.
L/Cpl VC MMGordon, Bernard Sydney26/10/1918
Gray, Charles EdmundAIF C Co.Diary about his stay in Sutton Camp 1917
3380PteGunn, Joseph HenryRaventhorpe, Albany ,WA.
2410Habel, Oswald E.5/59 Bn. AIF
Cpl.Hall, S.G.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Pte.Hallett, W.G.Christmas Tournies 1917
Sgt Maj.Hamburger, W. (Bill)48th Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm. Staff 18.12.18
Hamilton,Edited ‘Poison Gas’
Sgt Maj.Hann, H.19/11/191619.11.16
Capt.Harris,AWM photo, entertaining. Spoke farewell message for Lt Col. Darvall and wife.
PteHatton, E.J.01/12/1917Former Brisbane Courier rep. Wrote several reports from Fovant Camp to his paper
Heremene, HenriA French orphan smuggled back by Tim Tovell AAFC in a sack. (see Tim Tovell)
3624Holden, Reginald John9/40th Bn AIF24/08/1917Graffiti in Sutton Hut. Inverness, Launc.,Tas emb. 24.8.17
2881Pte.Holland, H.I.Christmas Tournies, 1917.
12622Pte.Holland, J.T.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser
4801Sgt.Holtham, W.A.3.2.17.
Pte.Hookings, H.R.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser
PteHooper, William HenryAdmitted hosp 17.8.18 from Tidworth
Hopkins, H.R.30/03/1918sent photo of badges and firing range
Horne, F.E.25th Bn. AIFwon chess
Pte.Horton, G.E.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
7013Pte.Hoskins, G.G.Christmas Tournies 1917
96PteHowat, John08/09/1919To Hurdcott 13.1.18 from Dartford Hosp. RTA
Hulcombe, Jack A.41st Bn. HQRS Sig. staff
Hunt,Named in cricket team
Pte.Hunter, K.W.J.Best batting average
CaptHuntley, E.RAMCWitness at several inquests (W.Gilbert Dec 1916, G.Burns Oct 1917, L. Watt Nov 1917. )
Hyde, M104 Howitzer BdeGraffiti in Sutton Hut (address added ?Avon Farm, Salisbury – was he visiting)
Pte.Jarrett, Stephen George24th Bn. AIF18/08/1918Left Aust 11.5.17. Played in the Fovant Band. KIA 18.8.18
PteJay,Oct 1917Went drinking with Pte Watt, then parted from him.
LtJensen?, J.O.C. 10 Coymessage to OC ‘insulation’ (T.Thomson) requesting beds for patients. (?joke)
Sgmn.Johnson, B.I.No 11 Camp Hurdcott,
Lt.Johnson, NormanNo 4 Sqn. AAFCHelped with Henri’s ‘adventures’
3825Pte.Jones, C.B.Christmas Tournies 1917
Capt.Jones, GeorgeNo 4 Sqn. AAFCFlight officer with Tim Tovell. Later Air Marshal Sir George Jones, KBE. CB. MC Chief of Air Staff RAAF
842WO I (Lt)Kay, Richard5th BG Rwy Co.AIFLetter from his g’dgt.
Lt.Keilar MC, Robert Clive51st Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div, Sig. Orderly Rm Staff. 18.12.18
Cpl.Keith MM, John Rankin51st Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm Staff, 18.12.18
PteKenny, J.H.02/02/1918Letter to his father published
Pte.King,61st Bn. AIFBoxing
Pte.Kitson, W.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
CplKnowles, John Valentine59th Bn. AIF
Pte.Lamb, E.Boxing official.
3338Pte.Langston, Arthur George9th Trg Bn., 36th Bn. AIFMegan Blaxland’s g.g.father AIF trained here 1917-18
Pte.Larkin, H.W.J.59th Bn. AIF
Sgt.Last, M.J.46th Bn. AIFAWM photo Dry Canteen
PteLeak, John9th Trg Bn.01/07/1917
8928Cpl.Lean, H.V.Christmas Tournies
Pte.Leckie, A.G.59th Bn. AIFWhist winner.
Cpl.Lee, JackWeb photo of boxing match. He lost.
5858PteLennard, Augustus J20/2 Bn. AIFArrived Plymouth aboard the ‘Ceramic’ on 21.11.16, Left Folkestone for France aboard the ‘Arundel’ on 7.2.17
Sgt.Lennell,12th Trg. Bn. 4th Div.AWM photo of bombing instructors 18.12.18.
Lloyd,28th Bn. AIFLetters/ DDClarkson
Logan,Scored a goal, soccer
Lt Col.Logan, M.W.62nd Bn. AIFPhoto AWM.
Love, John O.17th Bn. AIF02/12/1916Signature on Church lead 2.12.16
Capt.Lyons, ? Leon MauriceAWM photo entertaining.
1928Pte.MacArthur, Donald15th Bn. AIFPostcard, 18.6.17
4330Cpl.Mack, Francis James29th Bn. AIF29/07/1918Letters home. Photo of group of Aust. soldiers at Hurdcott. KIA 29.7.18
Lt Col.Mackenzie, William Kenneth Seaforth61st Bn. AIFPhoto AWM. 1919 demob
Pte.Madden, Robert William37th Bn.AIF. 10th Bde.Poems, printed in Tisbury
4157CplMadex, Victor Stanley5th Div Ammn ColumnDrowned in Bournemouth. Buried Wilton Parish Church.
Maher, ThomasLetters in AWM
CaptMain, G.Won whist
Mallard, L.J.41st Bn. AIFwon at snooker
PteMayfield, Joseph23/12/1916Walking with William Gilbert when he was hit by a bus,
LCpl.McCann, Thomas John30th Bn. AIFLetters in AWM
Chaplain(Pres)McCook, A.S.22/10/1918performed funeral Percy Knowles.
Sgt.McCornick,32nd Bn. AIFFeb 1917Called to detention room to view John Biglands’ body.
3432PteMcDonald, George Fredrick41st Bn. AIF
McLean,28th Bn. AIFLetters/DDClarkson
BrigMcNicoll, Walter Ramsay01/01/1937CO Fovant 1918-19. later became Administrator of New Guinea. Awarded KBC after The volcanic eruption at Rabul.
Capt. ChaplainMcVittie, Thomas9th Trg Bn.Burial Report of Tom Brown.
25361 7PteMellor, Richard4th Div Cycle Co. RFAaka Frank Wills. AWOL and enlisted in British Army, AWOL Sent to Fovant 5th Trg Bn, 22.5.18 AWOL again and probably executed for murdering a policeman trying to arrest him.
Pte.Melville,64th Bn. AIFBoxing.
Pte.Menzies, E.A.F.22nd Bn. AIF
Pte.Miller,63rd Bn. AIFBoxing.
PteMitchell,won whist
Sgt.Mitton, H.W.D Co., 8th Trg. Bn.,02/12/1916(? Brit)* 2.12.16 . Could be British
Sgt.Moore,Provided music for a dance
3195PteMorgan, Herbert60th Bn. AIF18/02/1917arr. Hurdcott 18.2.17 RTA 31.1.18 unfit for duty due to deformed feet. 1923 spent time in Pentridge Prison, Coburg, Vic.then signed on as steward on SS Trewyn, Union SS Co. NZ.
DriverMorrison, William Thomas GordonAASCFeb 1918Was with Sgt Simpson in the cart when they were overturned.
PteMorse,46th Bn. AIFwon at billiards
2468Pte.Moy, J.A.5th Reinf., 46th Bn., 12 Inf Bde.11/11/191611.11.16
16360SgtMunday, HoraceAust. Army Medical CorpsFovant Oct 1918 then moved to W’mth.
Sgt Maj.Neville, W.J.08/08/1917Rippledale House, Black Rock, Vic. 8.8.17
Newborn, J.31st Bn. AIFwon quoits
ChaplainNicholls, J.C.Chaplain AIF
Nicholson,Married to Canteen Manageress. AWM photo Dry Canteen.
3349Numerkah, Vicm. Dora Bessie Marks, Wilton 4.9.18.
7409Nunweek, R.24/08/1918Letter of thanks for parcel received from the Home League.
Pte.O’Dougherty, J.49th Bn. AIFWhist winner.
4487Pte.O’Hara, J.Christmas Tournies 1917
4148Pte.Okenden, S.L.Christmas Tournies 1917
Owens, R.Poem ‘The Great Horseferry Road’
GnrParer,54th Bn. AIFwon snooker
Sgt.Parker,AWM photo, race winner. Same man as 13724?
Sgt.Parker,Named in cricket team. Same man as 13723?
2518Cpl.Parkin, W.5th Reinf., 46th Bn., 12 Inf Bde.25/12/191725.12.17
Partridge, Eric Honeywood26th Bn. AIFFrank Honeywood, Private’ didn’t like Fovant at all, returned for demob.
PtePearce, Courtney03/04/1918Passed signals exam.
Pte.Pedersen, A.R.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Rev.Peel, Harold DymondPadre to the AIF at Hurdcott. Born in Wilmslow, Cheshire 1885 and trained at Cambridge and Wells Theol. College. Curate in Whitby then emigrated to join the Bush Brotherhood at Gilgandra, NSW. Returned to Aust. after the war to Brewarrina and Dubbo, before returning to Barford St Martin, Atherton, and finally The Donheads.
Perriman, A.E.British Army gym instructor attached to AIF.
487Perry, B.H.14th Bn. 4th Bde. AIF
4863Pte.Peterson, H.Christmas Tournies 1917
4108Pte.Pike, Clyde Henley29th BnAt Hurdcott Dec 1916-Jan 1917 and sent a PC to Australia
CplPolkinghorne, SamuelRelative of Rob Johnstone. Engaged to Ivy May Rowthorn. B. 1898? In Hants
2562Pte.Pritchard, A.H.5/46th Bn. 12 Inf.
5880Pte.Purcell, W.Christmas Tournies 1917
PtePye,6th Bn. AIFwon at billiards
CplQuinney, TAust. Army Provost CorpsSpoke to Pte Watt before he was found with injuries. He named 2 other privates with him
Rampling, L.J.33rd Bn. AIFwon billiards
CplRankin, Jack15th Bn. AIFLetter to his mother from Hurdcott
Pte.Rattray, Alexander John1st Training Div.Settled in Wilts after the war and was Invited to the commemorative flag raising in 1951.
Read, Herbert E.AFA, AMAG AIF, Hurdcott
Sgt.Redhead, Mark55th Bn. AIFNo.11 Camp, Hurdcott.
54557Pte.Redmond, Harry George Percy2nd Trng Brigadeemail from Nicholas Challinor
Lt.Renshaw. MC, Harry C.7th Co. EngineersDigger’ photos. 7th Co. Engineers was later 6th Field Co.
Sgt.Riley, F.Married Florence Hinton of Brixton
Lt.Robertson,AIF 3rd Command DepotMessing Officer, No 3 Comm Depot
L/Cpl.Robertson, William H.59th Bn. AIFInformed by Family Historian Christa McDonald
Pte.Robertson,Billiards winner, Boxing
1029 (?1027)Pte.Russell, G.A.31st Bn. AIF
Saber, Ken W.14th Bn. AIF20/01/1918Toorak, Vic., 20.1.18
Lt.Schuler, PhillipThe Great War’ by ?
Sgt.Sedgewick,50th Bn. AIFAWM photo of bombing instructors. 18.12.18
Sellens, Hugh01/12/1917Married at Broad Chalke Church and returned to Sydney, Australia with wife and child on the Konig Frederick August (sounds Scandinavian) on the 20th June 1919.
Pte.Simpson, H.M.2nd Bn. AIFHaberfield, Sydney, NSW.
SgtSimpson, Thomas GladstoneFeb 1918Killed when a horse bolted overturning the cart he was driving.
Skillon,Goalie, soccer.
Smith,passenger in accident which killed Alan Andrews, March 1917
Lt.Smith, S.H.13th Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm. Staff 18.12.18.
19789Dvr.Snell, W.J.Christmas Tournies 1917
Somerville,Cricket team
Stark, Jim29th Bn. AIFFriend of Frank Mack.
Sgt.Steers,Debate in YMCA
Stewart, Bill? Name signed on back of p/c. 2.12.16.
384Stewart, J.S.14th Bn. 4th Bde. AIF
6338Sgt.Stewart, Wm. K.20/2 Bn. AIF02/12/19162.12.16.
SgtStrike, E21/10/1917Found Pte Watt while on picket duty in Tisbury
Capt.Sutton,AWM photo, entertaining
S/Sgt.Tarrant,Boxing official
2028 (?2802)Pte.Taylor, J.H.Christmas Tournies 1917
Sgt.Thomas, A.D Co., 8th Trg. Bn.,02/12/19162.12.16. Is Sgt Thomas a Brit?
Lt.Thompson DCM MM, C.14th Bn. AIFAWM Photo Bombing area. 18.12.18 AWM photo of bombing instructors
Todd, J.Digger Photos
BdrTolliday, L.H.Aust. Army Postal CorpsWorked with George Burns.
SapperTorzillo,2nd Tunnellerswon snooker
Air Mech.Tovell, Edward JohnNo 4 Sqn. AAFCTim Tovell’s brother and helper.
Air Mech.Tovell, Timothy WilliamNo 4 Sqn. AAFCSmuggled a French orphan to Hurdcott in a sack where there were several photos taken to show how it was done. (see Henri Heremene)
Pte.Townsend, A.G.E Co. 15th Trg. Bn. 58th Bn.
Pte.Tracy, G.Mentioned in ‘Notes’ HH, vol 3
SgtTrompp, William Lawrencepassenger in accident which killed Alan Andrews, March 1917
Pte.Turner, E.49th Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div,Sig. Orderly Rm. Staff. 18.12.18
CSMTweddell, A.15th Bn. AIFAWM Photo, Dry Canteen
Pte.Walsh, G.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Walters,28th Bn. AIFLetters/D D Clarkson
15748Pte.Walton, George3rd Field Ambulance AIFStayed at No 8 Hurdcott Camp to convalesce from war injury from 14 Dec 1917 until 20 April 1918 and eventually returned to the war in France. George was a stretcher bearer who died of wounds on 12 Aug 1918. (email from Kevin Skerman, Queensland, Australia)
2503Pte.Ward, E.S.
Pte.Ward, W.G.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Sgt.Warneke, G.W.19th Bn. AIFDiaries in AWM. (Hurdcott Herald)
Sgt.Watson,Billiards winner.
Watt,Cricket team
3662PteWatt, Louis28th Bn. AIFNov 1917Found in Tisbury with head injuries from which he later died.
Webb,Cricket team
3955Sgt.Webb, L.C.50th Bn. AIFAWM photo of bombing instructors. 18.12.18
Pte.Webster, V.G.6/60th Bn., 15th Bde.17/12/191617.12.16
Wedderick, Jack01/04/1918
Sgt.Westaway, L.In Fovant with GSW to knee. Returned to France, KIA 14.8.17
PteWillcock, Fredrick16th Railway Coy (ALRO)01/01/1917
Pte.Williams, H.J.AIF 3rd Command Depot24/05/1918
Williams, Ivor21st Bn. AIFDiary describing Xmas Day 1917
Sgt.Wilson, J.50th Bn. AIFAWM photo Dry Canteen
Pte.Winter, H.M.South Aust. Field AmbulanceArticle in Adelaide Advertiser.
Sgt.Wise, A.48th Bn. AIFAWM photo of instructors of 4th Div. Sig. Orderly Rm. Staff. 18.12.18.
Woods, H.J.31st Bn. AIFwon at quoits

Concert parties

We were lucky to be given three printed programmes for concerts held in the Camps. The men had many entertainments provided by professionals of varying degrees of talent but they also enjoyed providing their own. Indeed, they delighted in forming Concert Parties of their own which travelled to other camps and once to a theatre in Salisbury.

PteArnoldNo 3 Command BandMarch 1918
PteBealeNo 3 Command Bandsoloist with The ‘Kangaroos’.
Pte.CantleA lightning caricature sketch
Sgt.Chappell, C.L.Sang ‘God Send you Back To Me’
Gnr.GordonSang ‘Because’
CaptJeffreysKangaroos’ musical director
Sgt.Joyce, C.S.Mess President, address of Welcome.
BandmasterKennedyDirector of orchestra
Pte.Kershaw, J.Sang ‘Down Vauxhall Way’ & A monologue, ‘Story of a Tin Tack’
Pte.Langford, RoyRag Melody, Overture & accompanist
Cpl.Loveless, A.R.Sang ‘The Aviator’ & ‘Sergeant of The Lines’
Sgt.Makins, A.J.Sang ‘Let the Great Big World Keep Turning’
PteMcFarlanesoloist with ‘Kangaroos’
Sgt.Odgers, V.P.Recitation ‘Snakes’ & sang a patriotic Song ‘ Homeland’
Sgt.Paget, R.Sang a selection
S/Sgt.Ross, W.L.Rag, ‘Dancing in New Orleans’. Sang humorous duet ‘Four and Nine’ with Lt Vaughan
Thomson, Fred28th Bn. AIFLetters/DD Clarkson, uncle to Jim
Thomson, Jim28th Bn. AIFLetters/DDClarkson, nephew to Fred
Lt.Vaughan, K.E.Sang ‘Fritz’ and ‘Four and Nine’ with Sgt Ross & OC of the ‘Owl’ Pierrot Troupe
Sgt.Wheeler, E.Sang ‘My Dreams’ & ‘Mountains Of Mourne’
PteWilkinsKangaroo’ Concert Party, violin

Other people mentioned on Programmes

BSM………….Clarke,B.A……………Chairman of Committee

Sgt……………Dining, H.W………….Committee

Hospital patients

The hospitals were staffed by Army Medical Service personnel as well as local people some of whom were trained by the combined Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance known as Volunteer Aid Detachment or VADs. For more information on the staff see the Military hospitals/Hospital staff page.

3755PteAnderson, William HenryAIF19/06/1918Hurdcott after wounding in France.
Birchmore, George1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group.
Blott, “Ranji”17/07/1918Hospital patient.
Cpl.Brown, F.T.Letters in Manchester Uni From Fovant Hosp. Is he British or Australian?
LCpl.Cave, H.J.1st Bn. AIFA Patient in Oct 1917
7427Pte.Darby, Rupert Clarence28th Bn. AIF*Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.* Died of broncho-pneumonia on 13.8.18, aged 19 years.
Gnr.Duffell, William John (Jack)1st Aust. Field Artillery Bde.Gassed and spent 8 months at Fovant and Hurdcott. (See ‘Soldier Boy’ by Gilbert Mant)
Spr.Gibson, Joseph Lobb1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group.
Sgt.Hill, Laurie1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group
Spr.Hill MM, James Charles1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo Group
Kirk, Fred C.T.admitted with Bronchitis and pleurisy
1855Pte.Kirkbride, Clarence Arthur43rd Bn. AIFAdm Fovant (influ) disch to 11 Training Batt 5.11.17. to 10 Tr Batt 19.12.17. to France 4.7.19. to Hurdcott for demob died 1929 Glenelg, SA
2450Pte.Le Tisser, Algin57th Bn. AIFAWM photo.
CaptLittlejohn, E.J.Aust. Army Medical Corps22/06/1917signed G.S. Edwards’ medical discharge
Mann, ‘Splinter’1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group
Sgt.McGrath, William LeslieGassed and was admitted to Fovant
Menke, Bob1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group
MajMoodie, C.C.Aust. Army Medical Corps22/06/1917signed G.S.Edwards’ medical discharge
PteOrr, Jack02/02/1918Admitted with pneumonia.
PtePage, Fredrick21/05/1918admitted with pneumonia
Pattison, Ack O.1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group
PtePhillips, F.L.24/05/1918Admitted with trench fever.
PtePitty, W.C.09/12/1918Admitted with pneumonia
66343Pte.Ridgeway57th Bn. AIFIdentified in AWM photo
Pte.Seabrook, John Bassit (Jack)Adm. 12.8.18, disc. 4.9.18
Simmons, C.1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group.
Simpson, C.1st Aust. Div. Signal Co.AWM photo, group.
61217Pte.ThurmanAAMSIdentified as a patient in AWM photo.

War Graves at Barford St Martin

A small group of WW I graves in the old Cemetery on the right under the railway bridge. 1 British and 3 Australian.

4484Cpl.Anderson, Walter8th Field Co. Eng.05/10/18Died of sickness
4050Pte.Dodd, Franklin32nd Bn. AIF31/01/17Died of sickness
5443Pte.Greenway, William54th Bn. AIF30/06/18Aka John Smith
5443Pte.Smith, John54th Bn. AIF30/06/18Aka William Greenway

War Graves at Baverstock

These graves can be found in the Churchyard of St Edith’s. 3 British and 28 Australian

No.RankNameUnitDiedAgedNotes or Commemoration
4333Pte.Albertson, G.W.P.30th Bn. AIF26/02/1725
325CQMSAndrews, A.M. (Monty)53rd Bn. AIF17/03/1721Accidently killed near Salisbury. Stone cross erected by the Sergeants of the 14th NSW Training Battery
4253Pte.Baxter, T.31st Bn. AIF08/03/1723*As the ivy clings to the oak our memory clings to thee.*
2240Pte.Biglands, J.R.32nd Bn. AIF01/02/1729*Whatever joy or grief be ours dear Jack we will always think of you.*
4517Pte.Clarke, P.J.32nd Bn. AIF14/03/1731*Greater love hath no man than this*
4518Pte.Cowie, A.I.30th Bn. AIF03/03/1730*The supreme sacrifice*
4033Pte.Cummings, M.31st Bn. AIF13/04/1724*Thy will be done*
4520Pte.Davies, T.L.32nd Bn. AIF07/03/1720*In memory of our dear son his loving parents, Lameroo, S.A.*
2897Pte.Elphick, S.H.55th Bn. AIF01/02/1723*To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die*
3806Pte.Fitzgerald, L.H.32nd Bn. AIF12/01/1728
4261Pte.Forster, P.30th Bn. AIF17/02/1725
4539Pte.Fowlie, G.30th Bn. AIF25/02/1731
3917Pte.Gibson, A.S.D.31st Bn. AIF07/01/1740
4364Pte.Grey, Robert Hugh30th Bn. AIF02/03/1730
4315Pte.Hayes, C.29th Bn. AIF14/02/1736
803Pte.Kennedy, F.D.J.2nd Bn. AIF23/09/1821*In loving memory of Don from sisters May, Ivy, Myrtle, Laurel*
4174Pte.Kenny, M.29th Bn. AIF14/01/1742
763Pte.Mashford, Cyril ClaudAustralian TM. Battery24/02/1724*Some time, some day our eyes shall see the face we hold in memory.*
2951Pte.McIntosh, D.53rd Bn. AIF10/02/1724
4581Pte.McKellar, W.C.G.M.29th Bn. AIF16/04/1744*He left his home, his all, to serve at his country’s call. Perfect Peace.*
4598Pte.Parkin, F.J.29th Bn. AIF26/03/1740*While he lies in silent sleep his memory we will always keep.*
3458Pte.Phillips, H.R.55th Bn. AIF05/06/1818*Responsive to his country’s call he gave his life , his best, his all.*
4395Pte.Price, W.G.30th Bn. AIF02/03/1722*Sadly missed and deeply mourned by those who loved him dearly.*
4593Pte.Pye, A.30th Bn. AIF22/02/1724*Rest in Peace*
2974Pte.Reidy, P.58th Bn. AIF02/02/1836Served as Wilson. R
2143Pte.Renwick, A.34th Bn. AIF13/01/1733
2582LCpl.Roach, T.36th Bn. AIF21/01/1830
2974Pte.Wilson, R.58th Bn. AIF02/02/1836See Reidy
Pte.Woolsey, F.A.30th Bn. AIF22/02/1748

War Graves at Compton Chamberlayne

These graves are in dedicated ground in the middle of the village. 5 British and 29 Australian

No.RankNameUnitDiedAgedNotes or Commemoration
2675Pte.Amoore, Phillip Walter58th Bn. AIF03/02/1741(Served as HAYWOOD). Son of Albert Hastings Amoore and Harriet Amoore; husband of E. M. Amoore, of 5, Willow St., Essendon.
3764Pte.Arnold, Willian Joseph31st Bn. AIF02/07/18
3712Pte.Cass, Thomas10th Bn. AIF17/08/1823
1818Pte.Cook, Joseph EdwinInfantry, AIF.06/12/1635*He lived for others first, Mother sisters and brother, second country*
55821Pte.Dreckow, Alfred Alwin32 Bn. AIF19/10/1823*In loving memory of the dearly loved son of Mrs Dreckow, Cleve.*
58787Pte.Evans, Allen EarnestAustralian Reinforcement20/10/1719*Called to higher service*
2911Pte.Ferrow, Charles WilliamInfantry, AIF.28/02/1745*In loving memory of my dear husband. May he rest in peace.*
3058Pte.Finn, Walter RichardInfantry, AIF.13/05/1822*One of the best God could send, beloved by all, a faithful friend*
2614Pte.Gilbert, WilliamInfantry, AIF.24/12/1627*Have mercy upon him Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.*
2675Pte.Haywood, W.Alias03/02/17*His own He never can forsake nor leave alone.* ALIAS means what it says as the CWGC advises ‘see Amoore the true family name’
3164Pte.Howard, JamesInfantry, AIF.18/03/1718
2075Pte.Jones, EvanInfantry, AIF.08/12/1627*Efe a brydfertha y rhai llednab*
1666Sgt.Knowles, P.R.9th Aust. Light TM Batt.30/01/1823*Thy will be done*
2450Pte.Le Tisser, Algin57th Bn. AIF19/12/1623AWM photo. “Lead Kindly light”
2736LSgt.McCarthy, Horace WilliamInfantry, AIF.08/05/1827*Asleep in Jesus.*
9956Dvr.Oliver, Allison HopeAustralian Field Artillery22/03/1825*In loving memory*
3462Pte.Park, William Joseph60th Bn. AIF23/09/1718*One of Australia’s youthful heroes*
4900LCpl.Piarman, Alexander GeorgeInfantry, AIF.26/11/1631*Nay, not dead but passed to higher service still*
1725Pte.Riley, William Earnest60th Bn. AIF22/05/17
1933APte.Ross, Sydney18th Bn. AIF31/05/1828*There’s a link death cannot sever, loving remembrance lasts forever*
Capt.Sillar, Roy AllenAAMC30/06/1823Died of injuries accidentally received aged 23 years. Loved second son of J.W. & A.I. Sillar, Dubbo, NSW, Aust
1995Pte.Skipper, Thomas James51st Bn. AIF07/01/1845(at Fovant) “Though comparatively little I did my best”
2249Pte.Snell, William CharlesInfantry, AIF.16/03/1740*Sadly missed.*
1723Cpl.Trengrove, John HenryInfantry, AIF.27/04/1838
3245Pte.Tull, C.Infantry, AIF.16/03/17
2772Pte.Turnbull, I.J.Infantry, AIF.27/04/17
2998Pte.Turner, Sidney HaroldInfantry, AIF.25/11/1835*Till we meet again.”
3462Pte.Wehrmann, John Thomas32nd Bn. AIF03/11/1728*Until the morn breaks and the shadows flee away.*
3502Pte.White, Thomas Henry WilliamInfantry, AIF.25/03/1721*Mother loved you dear Tom,a heart that never shall forget you. Mother*

War Graves at Fovant

St George’s Church graveyard holds 60 War Graves for both British and Australian soldiers. Many visitors come from ‘Down under’, one lady bringing a gum leaf to lay on each Australian grave. 17 British and 43 Australian.

No.RankNameUnitDiedAgedNotes or Commemoration
2049Cpl.Andrews, J.E.Australian Field Artillery02/02/1928*Peace, perfect peace.*
5547Cpl.Arthur, T.E.28th Bn. AIF02/12/1641
62066Pte.Batten, N.43rd Bn. AIF10/11/1819*All that it meant to lose him only our sad hearts know. Mother.*
953Pte.Birthisel, M.23rd Bn. AIF05/02/1943
14491Gnr.Brown, Thomas HughAustralian Field Artillery10/11/1820*Dearly loved son of Margaret and the late Hugh Donald Brown. at rest.* War Grave, letter from cousin.
4449Pte.Burden, R.E.46th Bn. AIF25
34Cpl.Burns, G.Australian Army Postal Corps17/10/1726*In memory of the dear friend of T.Scott & Agnes Cullen, N.S.W.*
Gnr.Carter, F.H.C.Australian Field Artillery09/02/1924*He dared, he endured, he died for us. greater love hath no man*
1844Pte.Chappel, N.4th Australian Pioneers07/05/1727
235Pte.Cobbing, J.H.E.Australian Machine Gun Corps.25
3284Pte.Coleman, W.36th Bn. AIF20/11/1734
2212Pte.Curnow, D.5th Aust. Pioneers06/09/1730
7427Pte.Darby, Rupert Clarence28th Bn. AIF13/08/1819*Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.* Died of broncho-pneumonia on 13.8.18, aged 19 years.
1733Dvr.Duggan, P.J.Australian Field Artillery29/01/1934*As he lived so he died our Anzac hero.*
6318Pte.Edge, R.R.27th Bn. AIF04/04/1845
55915Pte.Fox, S.43rd Bn. AIF34*Beloved son of R.T.Fox of Alberton S.A*
7179Pte.Gardner, F.L.17th Bn. AIF07/03/1826*In memory of the dearly loved son of Mr & Mrs A.L.Gardner of Bondi.*
3526Pte.Gleadhill, D.W.36
2816Pte.Gower, B.40th Bn. AIF28/03/1721
2/Lt.Gray, A.E.Australian Reinforcement29*Dearly beloved husband of Esme. loving father of Keith.*
3953Pte.Greig, A.T.1st Aust. Pioneers22/07/1722
2829Cpl.Harris, C.V.4th Australian Pioneers02/02/1924
5600Pte.Hartley, J.28th Bn. AIF02/12/1642
2004Pte.Hill, H.E.60th Bn. AIF29*A thought from his loved ones in Australia in memory of Hector Ernest Hill, sadly missed. death takes the loved one from our home, but never from our hearts.*
4031Pte.Jones, G.E.51st Bn. AIF04/11/1829*Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.*
5403Pte.Jones, T.7th Bn. AIF02/11/1832
56181Pte.Loudon, R.A.43rd Bn. AIF29*In loving memory, Father, Mother & sisters*
2442APte.Mann, E.G.4th Australian Pioneers37*At rest, his duty done.*
54715Pte.Mcilrick, E.R.35th Bn. AIF20*Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross I cling.*
19332Bty Pnr SgtOliver, W.Australian Field Artillery28*Greater love hath no man than this. A soldier and man.*
263Spr.Roberts, L28*Not forgotten of his loved ones at home*
2240Pte.Sharpe, K.C.3rd Aust. Pioneers08/11/1827*Till we meet again.*
927Pte.Shearing, Tom E.AIF Medical 10th Bn. Aust Infantry26/11/1925*The dearly beloved son of Mr & Mrs Shearing of Bagdad Tasmania.* Died 26th Nov 1919, buried in Fovant. Family still live in Bagdad Tasmania.
2667Simpson, R.4th Australian Pioneers16/05/1741*He died for truth and freedom.*
2232Pte.Smith, A.E.26th Bn. AIF25
2915Pte.Smith, J.T.38th Bn. AIF24/03/1750
6895Pte.Symons, W.H.27th Bn. AIF24*Forever with the Lord. in loving memory of our dear son.*
54772Pte.Trenear, P.J.35th Bn. AIF19*The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. The Lord be with him.*
3662Pte.Watt, L.28th Bn. AIF01/11/1746*Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life. 1 Tim*
773Pte.Webb, H.E.28*Have mercy upon him O Lord, and let Thy light shine upon him.*
18994Pte.Whitton, R.A.38*He lives with us in memory still & will for ever more.*
2823Gnr.Woodger, J.Australian Field Artillery31/10/1832
1992Cpl.Wright, J.41st Bn. AIF28/03/1822*He gave his life for the sake of his home and country.*

War Graves at Bishopstone


Dibben, John Allan

32nd Bn. AIF



War Grave in Bishopstone cemetery


Walker, C.V.

9th Trg Bn.



Died. Brass plaque in Bishopstone church

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