In the register for 1702 there is the first mention of a rector as a resident parson, but for very many years after this date it was customary for the incumbent to be a non-resident, and even Mr. A.Earl, who died at the beginning of the 20th century, was only ‘curate in charge’. With the exception of the year 1646 the living has been in the gift of the Earl of Pembroke from 1613 to the late 1920s, when Dr Clay made his list.

The Incumbents of the Parish – 1305 to date

The following extract is taken from Wiltshire Institutions by Sir Thomas Phillips.

1305Abb. de WyltonRobertus de Hulcote
1361Rex pro Abb. de WyltonThomas Barneby
1389Abb. de WyltonJohannes Couper
1389Abb. de WyltonJohannes Couper permut cum Johannes Boum
1408Abb. de WyltonWalterus Kood
1409Abb. de WyltonNicholaus Grave
1424Abb. de WyltonWm. Elford
1432Abb. de WyltonThomas House
1473Abb. de WyltonGeorge Reede
1504Abb. de WyltonThomas Martyn
1507Abb. de WyltonThomas Hobson
1527Abb. de WyltonJohannes Roberts
1554Rich. Hungerford, gen ex concessione Dominae Isabellae Baynton, de Edyngton, viduae Robertus Mody
1613Willm. E of PembrokeWm Lennarde
1623Willm. E of PembrokeThos. Chaffin
(Deficiency of records from 6 October 1645 to 21 June 1660)
1674Willm. E of PembrokeThomas Barford
1702Thos. E of PembrokeRobert Gary
1723Thos. E of PembrokeThomas Eyre
1754Henry E of PembrokeThomas Dampier
1759Henry E of PembrokeThomas Eyre
This list is far from complete, and is slightly inaccurate. The following corrections are necessary :
1762Henry E of PembrokeThomas Eyre son of Thomas Eyre
1527John Deane
1540?John Roberts
1646ParliamentRandolph Caldecott
1646?ParliamentJohn Priaux
1660?John Priaux (confirmed in his office)
1811E. of PembrokeWilliam Coxe
1828E. of PembrokeG. Dewdney
1836E. of PembrokeWellesley Pole Pigott
E. of PembrokeJ. Elers
1890E. of PembrokeAlfred Earle
1898E. of PembrokeMaitland A. Shorland
1919Robert Usher
1942Jesse Lees
1951Homer Hill
1958John Blanchett
1974Kenneth Cooper
1984Charles Goulding
1986Joseph Bell
1991John Eade
Incumbents noted in italics in the above list were added to Doctor Clay’s original list by M.A.M. in February 2004 .


The churchwardens’ books date from 1795, but it is not possible to compile an accurate list of those who held the office prior to 1823.

1823James Sheppard RowdenWilliam Martin
1824J.S. RowdenSamuel Bracher
1830William FutcherJames Futcher
1831James FutcherStephen Brown
1838William FutcherJames Futcher
1850James FutcherStephen Brown
1859Aaron FutcherStephen Brown
1860Aaron FutcherThomas Webb
1875Aaron FutcherGeorge Hart
1878James FutcherGeorge Hart
1880James FutcherGeorge Futcher
1910H. HitchingsGeorge Futcher
1912T. SimperGeorge Futcher
1913Thos. SimperC.M. Green
1919Thos. SimperMajor Dover
1921Thos. SimperB.C.R. Langford
1923A.J. CuffT. Bracher (Sen.)
1925R. WebbA.J. Cuff
1925H. HitchingsA.J. Cuff
1927A.J. Cuff(October) B.C.R. Langford
(pro.tem. H. Hitchings deceased)
1928A.J. CuffT. Bracher
1939A.J. CuffCapt. Normand
1943A.J. CuffL. Combes
1945A.J. CuffF.T.S. Bracher
1947F.T.S. BracherH.A. Roberts
1949F.T.S. BracherMr Briggs
1950F.T.S. BracherT. Coombes

(Note: The retiring churchwardens were re-elected in those years which are not included in the above list)