From path No. 3 at the south-east corner of Fir Hill Plantation, leading north east along the field edge, across Green Drove, path No. 17, and continuing east inside the southern border of Fovant Wood to Compton Chamberlayne parish boundary. Approximate length: 1614 metres. Width: 0.91 metres.

West to East

The path begins as a junction from Path 3 by a metal kissing gate [1] at the south-east corner of Fir Hill Plantation (002293). Turn left with a private wood and wire fence on the left and an unfenced cultivated field on the right. You can follow the path by walking round some bends and along the side of a field[ 2] until it meets Green Drove at a stile (006297) [3].

Once on Green Drove, take a few steps left and look for a path into the wood immediately behind the chain-link fence of the reservoir. It is marked with a Public Footpath arrow on a post pointing east towards Compton Chamberlayne.

The path through the wood is then obvious, although only about a metre wide [4]. Keep the wire fence of the field boundary to the right and the extensive wood (unfenced) to the left until you pass the second hedgerow across the right-hand field. The obvious path through the wood ends here with a waymark [5] at the Parish boundary (014297), and thereon the path into Compton becomes a well trodden track alongside an open cultivated field.

1-looking North East
2-looking North East
3-Looking West
4 – Looking east.
1-Looking North East

East to West

Coming from Compton, pass a sign saying “Please keep dogs on leads” and then look for a gap into the wood on the right [5] immediately before the corner of the field (014297). Bear left once in the wood and follow the well-defined path [4], keeping the wire fence on the left and the unfenced wood on the right.

Once past the chain-link fence of the reservoir, you will emerge into Green Drove . Turn left for a few steps and then look for a stile [3] on the right, up the bank (006297). Now follow the edge of the cultivated field [2], keeping the wire fence on your right. After some bends, with a private wood to your right, you arrive at the south-east corner of Fir Hill Plantation where the path ends with a metal kissing gate (002293) and joins Path 3 [1].

June 2004