From Hole Lane, path No. 15, leading south-east to Sutton Road, U/C 11053, near Home Close. Approximate length: 183 metres. Width: 1 metre.

East to West

The path begins in Hole Lane (Path 15) on its southern side near Orchard House where there is a stile [1] with two steps (994292). It is waymarked with an arrow pointing along Hole Lane and another towards our route. You should cross the stile into the open field, keeping the garden hedges on the left. Although the Definitive Map shows the path as straight, there is no obvious indication of where it used to cross the hedgerow into Sutton Road. In practice the path now bends slightly left to pass through a farm gate [2] where there is a metal finger post indicating a Public Footpath (995291).

1 – Looking south-east.
2 – Looking north-west.

West to East

Starting in Sutton Road, where there is a finger post next to Home Close (995291), go through the gate [2] and along the field keeping the garden hedges on your right. Head for the stile with two steps [1] and, on crossing it, you will find yourself in Hole Lane and the end of the path (994292)

December 2002