Carriage Road (Foot)

From the Herepath, path No. 18, about 460 m south-west of Fovant Hut leading south-west to Ebbesborne Wake path No. 6 towards Fifield Bavant. Approximate length: 82 metres.

This is a very short path which provides a branch from the Herepath (Path 18) to paths leading to Fifield Bavant and Ebbesborne Wake. It clearly branches (998264) towards the south-west from the Herepath about 460 metres from Fovant Hut, as the Statement indicates [1] and soon reaches some gateposts (997263), on the westernmost of which is a Public Bridleway disc. The easternmost gatepost is broken. This is the Fovant parish boundary [2}

1. From Path 18 looking south-west.
2. Parish boundary looking south-west.

December 2002