Green Drove – From the Fifield Bavant – Dinton road, C.64, leading south-east across path No. 1, past path No. 6 at Green Drove Cottages, across the Salisbury – Shaftesbury Trunk Road, A.30, to East Farm then south-west, south and north-west to the southern end of Brook Lane, U/C 12003. Approximate length: 2230 metres. Width: 6.09 metres.

North to South

The path leaves the Dinton road at a metal finger post (005299) indicating a Public Bridleway to the A30 at a distance of 1 mile [1]. About 80 metres after leaving the road, you should ignore the track to the right, as the route turns left up a rise through a wood with a rock face on the right.

At the top of the rise you will emerge into a long, straight, 5 metre wide track that leads between hedgerows to the A30. It crosses Path 1 and passes Path 6 to the right (although the latter is not marked).

The track becomes progressively more made up as it nears the road, passing residences on the left. After crossing the A30 [2] (TAKE CARE HERE), where there is a metal finger post (011288) fitted with two signs, both indicating a Public Bridleway, go straight ahead down the Bridleway which coincides with the approach road to East Farm.

Turn right there behind the farmhouse [3] ( Path 16 goes straight ahead at this point), past the cricket ground and barns, before bearing left and then sharp right into Brook Street by the telephone exchange (008282). ( Path 13 is off to the left) [4]. The Bridleway ends officially at the south end of the paved part of Brook Street near the bridge over the stream [5]. (007283).

1 – Looking south.
2 – Looking south-east.
3 – Looking south-east.
4 – Looking south-east.
5 – Looking south.

South to North

Go along Brook Street [5] as far as the telephone exchange (008282) and then bear left (Path 13 is straight ahead of you at this point, through the gate) [4]. Follow the wide track past the barns to your right and the cricket pitch to your left, until you come to East Farm. Path 16 goes up across the Fovant Badges from here [3], but you should turn left up the made-up approach road.

Cross the A30 [2] (TAKE CARE HERE), by the two Bridleway signs (011288), and carry on straight ahead up the long wide track. You will pass Path 6 on your left (although it is not waymarked) and will cross Path 1 before dropping down through a wood to the Dinton road and the end of the Bridleway [1] (005299).


December 2002