What communications were there ?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

The importance of news to and from home/censorship of letters from the front. Early wireless could only send in Morse code. Trench telephones accommodated speech but depended on land lines which could be broken. The part played by animals as messengers … see the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals founded by Maria Dickin who instituted the Dickin Medal , which is known colloquially as the animal’s V.C. Learning the Morse code could give rise to the children having lots of fun making up their own ‘secret’ codes.

A ‘Then and Now’ comparison would be a fruitful approach, particularly as the modern use of aeroplanes for transporting people and freight has largely solved the logistic problems of the transport of almost a century ago. Additionally wars are no longer fought between very large armies of opposing infantrymen.


13 July 2012

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3 November 2012