Byway open to all traffic (with Traffic Regulation Order)

Hole Lane – From the Chilmark road, C.276, at Moor Hill House, leading south-west to the Sutton Mandeville Parish boundary, south of Great Ground Hill. Approximate length: 229 metres. Width: 2.43 metres.

East to West

The path leaves the road to Tisbury [1] near Moor Hill Cottage by the Byway and Traffic Regulation signs (994292) . It coincides at first with gravel drives to two private residences and you should then leave a holly hedge to your right and the stile [2] at the beginning of Path 9 to your left to follow the well-cleared path of between 2 and 3 metres width [3] until you reach the stone marking the Parish boundary [4] (991291). The continuation of this path will take you to Sutton Mandeville.

1 – Looking west.
2 – Looking south-east.
3 – Looking south-west.
4 – Looking north-east.

West to East

Coming from Sutton Mandeville, you will find a boundary stone [4] marking the start of this path (991291). Carry on along the path, between hedgerows on either side [3], and you will emerge into a wide gravelled path, serving two private houses on your left. Path 9, to Sutton Road, is over a stile to your right [2]. The path ends on the road to Tisbury at Moor Hill [1] (994292).

December 2002