What equipment did the soldiers have ?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

An example of a soldier from the children’s own locality will make for a more personal interest. (Ted Simper survived the war and joined the Fovant Home Guard in World War II). Detailed descriptions of ‘ British Army uniforms and equipment in World War I ’ can be found in Wikipedia. Similarly information on puttees is given in ‘ WW I puttees and how to wrap them ’ through the ‘Images’ facility of Google. Since the children will only know of the country having a queen it might be of interest to them to know that Britain has had three kings (as well as the present queen) within the memory of many people still alive today. The children would undoubtedly enjoy putting 32 kg of something into a rucksack and trying to lift it. It would give them some idea of just how much a soldier carried round for most of his time.


27 July 2012

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12 November 2012