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Dr. R.C.C. Clay [Dr RCC Clay FSA]

Dr. R.C.C. Clay (1890–1971), the third generation of his family to be the resident doctor of Fovant, was also a noted local historian. Over the years he collected snippets of historical information from which he prepared a set of papers entitled ‘Some Notes on the History of Fovant’ .

In the Foreword to his original material he wrote:

‘These notes are in no way intended to be a complete History of Fovant; but, rather, a number of bricks heaped together, to which a future historian, having dug deeply, may add bricks, and with mortar of his own set them together – his bricks and mine, and so reconstruct the fabric of the past’.

Gratefully acknowledging his sure foundation we have started the rebuilding process by adding some bricks of our own. We will not complete this structure however for history is a continuous process, and there will be many more ‘bricks’ awaiting the next generation of historical research builders.


Many people and organisations were concerned in the sponsorship, design and production of this website and Fovant History Interest Group would like to thank them all on this page.

First, to Local Heritage Initiative for the grant which they awarded to this project.

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The grant is provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the scheme is a partnership, administered by the Countryside Agency with additional funding from Nationwide Building Society

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Finally, our growing number of contributors. Thank you to all those who have provided material for the pages on the site and a special thanks to Audrey Nuttall for giving us a welcome kick-start. The authors' initials appear at the foot of each page, and they are:

A. and A.N. Alison & Andy Nuttall
A.B. Ann Barnard
B.M. Brian Morris
B.P. Beryl Paton
C.W.C.H. Colin Heal
D.G.S. Don Shaw
D.S. David Selwood
F.H. Fred Harman
F.T. Frank Turner
G.N. Gill Nevill
G.W. Grace Way
J.A.S. Judith Snowdon
J.B.B. Joan Brooks
J.E. Rev. John Eade
J.O.H. Liz Harden
J.T. John Turner
J.W. Joe Williams
K.W. Ken Walker
M.A.M. Margaret McKenzie
M.B. Monica Borwick née Grayson
M.C.L.H. Mike Harden
M.K.K. Mary Kirman
N.C.B-B. Nigel Brodrick-Barker
N.C. Nick Cowen
P.A. Peter Adcock
R.B. Richard Bland
R.C.C.C. The late Dr R.C.C. Clay
R.D. Rachel Davies
R.G. Ron Gager
R.S. Roy Simper
R.M.S. Robert Snow
S.G. Sheila Guilfoyle
S.Go. Sue Gough
S.J. Sue Jay
S.M.C. Sue Cox
T.S.C. Terry Crawford

There is no doubt that the list will grow longer as we are able to gather more material.

Other acknowledgements, including photo credits, are made in the text where appropriate.
The sketches heading each section are by Liz Harden.

Oct. 2003

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