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YMCA staff

This is a list of the staff known to be working for the YMCA in the Fovant area during World War I. The list has been compiled from many sources, amongst them Terry Crawford, author of ‘Wiltshire in the Great War’, and Birmingham University to whom we offer our grateful thanks.

Name Notes
Edwards, James Leader of Central Hut in 1921
Fedarb, F.J. Director YMCA on Salisbury Plain
Foster, W.H. Name signed on back of p/c 6-11.6.17. Leader of Central Hut, Fovant
Short, T. Leader of West Farm Hut No 4. (Same as WE Short?)
Short, W.E. Leader of No 3 Hut, Sutton (Manor Farm)
Skinner, Francis T. Name signed on back of p/c 6th-11th June 1917. Mr and Mrs A.K.Skinner were leaders of No 2 Hut at Compton Chamberlayne
Holland, T.E. Leader No 8 Hut, Hurdcott

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