Our Internet Service Provider, Internetters Ltd, produces a continuous analysis of visits to our website. Once a month we collect some of this data to update this page.

There follow five charts, each representing the state of the site for the past 12 months:

  1. The total number of pages downloaded in each month, divided vertically into the headings used on the menu.
  2. The number of vistors in each month, divided into total numbers and the number of unique visitors.
  3. The total number of enquiries made through search engines in each month, again divided into menu headings.
  4. The page data, but in the form of a pie chart divided, once again, into slices representing the menu items.
  5. A similar pie chart, this time representing the number of enquiries.

The first pie chart has been automatically divided into the menu items, but the charts representing searches have to be classified manually. By comparing the two pie charts it is possible to see how accurate the classification has been, and whether it should be modified.

For a more detailed examination of the statistics calculated by the website provider, please click on this link.

[Visits in the last twelve months]

[Visitors in the last twelve months]

[Searches in the last twelve months]

[Pages in the last twelve months] [Searches in the last twelve months]


Content last updated
10 September 2018

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