[Australian regiments]

Australian regiments

The following table probably does not contain all of the Australian units that were stationed in and around Fovant during World War I. However, these are the units that have so far been identified from photographs, letters and other sources.

Some of the unit titles are incomplete and there are almost certainly some duplicates. We stand ready to amend the list whenever new evidence becomes available. We will be grateful for any help that you can give.

Unit Date Unit Date
10th Bn. AIF 1919 53rd Bn. AIF Mar 1917
10th Trg. Bn. AIF   54th Bn. AIF  
12th Trg. Bn. 4th Div. 18/12/1918 55th Bn. AIF  
13th Bn. AIF 18/12/1918 56th Bn. AIF  
13th Machine Gun Co.   56th Bn., 14th Inf Bde.  
14th Bn. 4th Bde. AIF   57th Bn. AIF  
14th Bn. AIF 18/12/1918 58th Bn. AIF  
15th Bn. AIF 18/12/1918 59th Bn. AIF  
16th Bde. (Bn?) AIF   5th Aust. Pioneers Sep 1917
16th Bde.(69th Bn., 6th Div.) 1919 5th BG Rwy Co.AIF  
17th Bn. AIF Mar 1918 5th Reinf., 46th Bn., 12 Inf Bde.  
18th Bn. AIF   5th Trg.  
19th Bn. AIF   6/60th Bn., 15th Bde.  
1st Aust. Div. Signal Co. Dec 1917 60th Bn. AIF 1918
1st Aust. Field Artillery Bde.   61st Bn. AIF  
1st Aust. Pioneers Jul 1917 62nd Bn. AIF  
1st Bn. AIF Oct 1917 63rd Bn. AIF  
1st Training Div.   64th Bn. AIF  
20/2 Bn. AIF   69th Bn. (16th Bde, 6th Div.) 1919
212th Aust. Machine Gun Bn.   6th Trg. Bde.  
21st Bn. AIF Dec 1917 7th Bn. AIF Nov 1918
22/28 Reinforcements AIF   7th Co. Engineers  
22nd Bn. AIF   9/40th Bn AIF  
23rd Bn. AIF Feb 1919 94th Bde  
24th Bn. AIF   9th Aust. Light TM Batt.  
26th Bn. AIF 1919 9th Trg Bn.  
27th Bn. AIF 4th Apr.1918 9th Trg Bn., 36th Bn. AIF  
28th Bn. AIF Dec 1916, Aug 1918 9th/30th Bn. 8th Bde.  
29th Bn. AIF June 1917 AAMS  
2nd Bn. AIF Dec 1916 AANS  
2nd Trg. Bde. Apr 1918 AASC  
30th Bn. AIF Feb 1917 AFA, AMAG AIF, Hurdcott  
31st Bn. (8th Trg Bn., 4th Div., C Co.)   AIF  
31st Bn. AIF   AIF 3rd Command Depot  
32nd Bn. AIF   AIF C Co.  
34th Bn. AIF   AMTS 21/11/1916
35th Bn. AIF 1918 ATS  
36th Bn. AIF Nov 1917 Aust. Army Medical Corps  
37th Bn. AIF (39th)   Aust. Army Postal Corps Oct 1917
37th Bn.AIF. 10th Bde.   Aust. Field Artillery  
38th Bn. AIF 1917 Aust. Flying Corps  
3rd Aust. Pioneers Nov 1918 Aust. Imperial Force  
3rd Trg. Div.   Aust. Machine Gun Corps.  
40th Bn. AIF Mar 1917 Aust. Nursing Corps  
41st Bn. AIF Mar 1918 Aust. Reinforcement  
41st Bn. HQRS Sig. staff   Aust. Reinforcement 7th, 1918
43rd Bn. AIF Nov 1918 Aust. TM. Battery  
46th Bn. AIF 1919, 18/12/1918 D Co., 8th Trg. Bn.,  
48th Bn. AIF   E Co. 15th Trg. Bn. 58th Bn.  
49th Bn. AIF   Field Artillery, 8th Bde. Nov 1918, Feb 1919
4th Australian Pioneers May 1917, Feb 1919 Infantry, AIF.  
5/46th Bn. 12 Inf.   No 4 Sqn. AAFC 1919
5/59 Bn. AIF   Royal Australian Air Force  
50th Bn. AIF 18/12/1918 South Aust. Field Ambulance  
51st Bn. AIF Nov 1918    

You may be able to find more details from the database contained in the very useful website of the Families and Friends of the First AIF Inc.

A list of Australian soldiers' names gleaned from various sources

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