[Linda Jeffery]

Linda Jeffery, 9 November 1944 – 11 July 2003

Memorial seats have proved a popular way of remembering loved ones who are no longer with us. . Scattered throughout the village, they largely commemorate people who are buried in our churchyard. Occasionally, however, a seat is dedicated to a past resident who, although their last resting place lies elsewhere, has had some long lasting affection for Fovant. It is as though they had come home.

An extract from ‘Three Towers’ our Community Magazine reporting on the installation of just such a seat needs no further comment:

[Memorial plaque]

On Friday 15th October 2004, in pouring rain, the family of Linda Jeffery travelled from Sussex to fix the nameplate on the seat which they have donated to the village in memory of her. It is situated in a corner of the playing field in Sutton Road, as near as possible to the site of the Poplar Inn, a place which has special significance for the family.

During the Second World War Linda Jeffery’s parents and brother Stephen lived in London. In the closing days of the conflict V1 and V2 rockets started to fall on the capital. Being in a reserved occupation Linda’s father had to stay in the city, but he sent his pregnant wife and their son Stephen to Fovant to stay with his parents Ernest and Minnie Jeffery who were licensees of the Poplar Inn at that time. Linda was born at the Inn, and she was christened at our Church. Her mother was told that she was the first baby to have been born at the Inn for a hundred years.

Sixty years on the Jeffery family have brought the memory of Linda back to Fovant. Spare a thought for them and Linda as you sit on her seat.

October 2004

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17 January 2006

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