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Our group, FHIG for short, was specifically formed to research the history of Fovant. Members follow their own interest in a particular area of the village's history, and report at our meetings. The puzzle pieces of our logo represent the snippets of information we discover. Sometimes the pieces fit together, more often they don't, but they all add to the sum of our knowledge of the village. The format is circular because research, like history itself, never ends.

History, having no absolute beginning or ending, has, in the past, presented the problem of how it should be recorded. Some historians specialised in depth on a given subject, person or event, others researched more generally over a longer period of time. All had to be 'written up' - a daunting task for any one person. Today we are more fortunate, for in this age of information technology this problem can be ameliorated by the setting up of a website, which has the supreme advantage of being both flexible and open-ended.

Our aim in setting up our website is to encourage the active participation of all who have some interest in Fovant. Even small pieces of information are useful, for they may just be the one bit that we need to join other pieces together.

Anyone can contribute - adult, child, villager or any member of the wider national or international public - all can play a part in helping us to research the history of our village.

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14 August 2017

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