[The 1914–18 War]

Out of the blue – Appendix 1

Military uniform identification.

We might be able to identify Fred, for that is what I shall continue to call him, through researching any difference between British and Australian uniforms.

To this end I requested the help of a military friend. He then enlisted the aid of an Australian colleague, who said ‘despite there being a lot of crossover between British and Australian uniforms,‘ he was fairly sure that ‘Australians always wore their rank (insignia) on the shoulder. Rank on the cuff indicates a British uniform’, Consensus of opinion between them was that ‘in the absence of any hard evidence’ the likelihood is that ‘Fred’ was a British officer.

W.W.I Australian Army Officers (from Google images)
W.W.I Australian Army Officers at Fovant

None of the above Australian men have rank insignia on the the cuffs of their sleeves.

W.W.I British Officer (from Google images)
British W.W.I military staff of Fovant Hospital (from FHIG archives)

All of these officers have rank insignia on their cuffs.

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