[Flower Festival 2000]

A Flower Festival for 2000.

As part of Fovant's celebrations of the Millennium, Mrs Valerie Heal and others organised a Flower and Arts Festival to be held in the parish church of St George. The flower arrangements were on the theme of the Changing Scenes of Life.

On the 17th of September 2000, Colin Heal took his video camera around the impressive display of flower arrangements, to record the event and the hard work that made it possible.

On this page you will find a number of snapshots extracted from the video, together with the commentary that Colin added as he walked round. Click on each thumbnail photo to see an enlargement and then use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

Gill and Bill Nevill also took some photographs of the floral displays and these have been added to the web page.

[Virgin Mary]
Virgin Mary.
[Village Band]
Village Band.
[School & Rainbow Centre]
Fovant School and Fovant Rainbow Centre.
[Bee Keeping]
Bee Keeping.
[Death and Resurrection]
Death and Resurrection.
[St George]
St. George.
The lectern in Memoriam.
Australian Memorial.
British Memorial.
[Farming 1] Farming.
[Farming 2]
Farming (in the right of the porch).
[Watercress Beds]
Watercress Beds, Trout Farm & Fishing Club
Villagers and visitors to the Festival.
[Mrs Heal]
Mrs Valerie Heal.

Descriptions of the Flower Arrangements in the Church were included in the original programme for the Fovant Millennium Flower and Arts Festival. They are repeated here:

Click here to listen to Colin's commentary

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