[For children – Beginning of the end]

When was the beginning of the end of the war ?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

Had the German army’s rapid advance on Paris outrun its supply column by July when the Allies slowed its progress in the area of the river Marne? How much did lack of supplies contribute to the subsequent German Army’s retreat right back to Germany? What effect did this defeat have on an already demoralised German people? What was the reaction of the other Central Powers to the situation? Point out that the armistice was only the first step towards peace. Some of the older children may be interested in the intricacies and ramifications of the Versailles Treaty. However, for the younger ones perhaps it is enough to indicate that though the treaty legally ended World War I, it undoubtedly sowed the seeds of World War II. Demobilisation delays. Problems of soldiers returning to civilian life. It was, of course, the Badges which were left after the Fovant Camp was demolished and everything cleared away.

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Work Sheet 7 – When was the beginning of the end of the war ?

13th July 2012

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17 December 2012

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