[For children – Into action]

Where did they go into action ?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

This is where reality kicks in for there’s no gentle way of drawing the children’s attention to the fact that the British were there to kill the Germans … and vice versa. Equate the casualty numbers with an area known to the children (e.g. 40,000 wounded + 20,000 killed on the first day of the Somme … population of Salisbury in 2001 = 39,726) Visit your local war memorial and suggest that each name was more than an inscription in stone to the soldiers’ families. Talking to parents/grandparents about the possibility of an ancestor being involved in World War I would be educational for the young … and a pleasure/catharsis for the elderly.

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Work Sheet 9 – Where did they go into action ?

13 July 2012

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3 November 2012

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