[For children – Where did soldiers live?]

Camp Life – Where did the soldiers live?

Teachers’ Briefing Notes.

The contrast between the two pictures is the main focus of this worksheet. The simple arithmetical exercise at the bottom of the sheet should be well within the ability of the seven year olds but exploring the map for this age group would benefit from class teaching. The older children's mathematical abilities can be stretched by calculating 10 x 30 x the total number of huts on the map. Not all of the huts accommodated men nor were all of them used for housing, so the mathematical problem for the older children could be made quite complicated. Consider also an exercise in map reading for this age group. Ordnance Survey 1/50,000 'Get a Map' series would be suitable. Accessing the websites of the two regiments mentioned might also appeal to the older children. See the Fovant Badges Society website

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Work Sheet 3 – Where did the soldiers live?

27 July 2012

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20 October 2012

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