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Fovant History Interest Group

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Fovant History Interest Group consists of a small band of residents who are actively engaged in researching and recording the history of their village in south-west Wiltshire, England. As other villagers became aware of the group's interest, information and artefacts began to arrive – and continue to do so. A welcome development.

With the setting up of this website we hope to benefit from the involvement of a wider audience. Anyone, anywhere, can become a member. If you have information about Fovant, please share it with us, either via the "Contact us" button, or to our email at mclharden@btinternet.com.

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A record of the 2014 Exhibition commemorating the begining of the First World War can be found by selecting World Wars in the main menu and then clicking on a link in the text to the 2014 Exhibition
Both of the books produced by F.H.I.G. are still available.
To see a book order form, go to the main menu and click Introduction followed by Book order.
A number of links have been added to many of the pages, to make it easier to select subsidiary pages. See the Introduction/Updates page for details.